Kingdom Grow Light – Alpha 1×3
Product Data Sheet
Model No. Alpha 1×3
LED Ratio
or customized
Input Voltage AC100-240V
LED Qty 72
Rated Wattage 72×3W
Actual Wattage 156W±5%
Lumen Output(lm) 3600
Size(mm) 430×245×75
Weight(kg) 5
Design Details
Main Features
  • Built in isolated power supply covering power consumption 120W - 1300W
  • Built in quality fans and heat sink ensures efficient heat dissipation
  • Input voltage AC100-240V and 50/60 Hz Frequency, workable at any country
  • Working humidity 10-95%
  • Amperage 700mA
  • 60° 90° and 120° optical lenses
  • Connectivity: Wifi & Zigbee
  • 2-6 channels of spectrum regulating and intensity adjusting for different grow phases
  • Module design and assembly for convenient maintenance
  • Fully customizable spectrum
  • 50000 hours LED lifespan
  • Patent products, CE & RoHS certified
  • 3-year warranty
Smart Controlling System
Kingdom has developed her own Smart Controlling System in order to serve the needs of industrial customers. It features as -
  • APP (iOS available now. Android and Windows versions will be made upon customers’ request). Please get this APP  by searching “grow light” in App Store.
  • Wifi (IEEE802.11) + ZigBee (IEEE802.15.4)
  • 2-6 channels of spectrum regulating and intensity adjusting for different grow phases
  • Allow to adjust light source intensity and control customized spectrum
  • Real-time control, read the internal temperature of the light
  • Alarming and the light goes off once its temperature over 55℃
  • Position the failed light
  • Group lights control, single light control
  • Editable and programmable
  • Application for all phases of clone, grow, blooming and fruiting
  • Applicable with water solution culture and soil culture. Wide applications in greenhouse, garden, pot culture, water soluble breeding, seeding and growing stem, sportsfield grass growth, etc.
  • Carton packing with interior EPE protection
  • Grow Light x1, power line x1, and hanging kit x1
Testing Condition
  • Temperature: 20℃
  • Humidity: 60%
  • Distance to Light Source (m):1m
  • Light warm-up period (min): 60 min
  • Height of plant (mm): 5mm
Testing Result: